Vince Mannino, President

 My career with R.G. Ross started back in 1988 as an estimator and project manager. Through countless projects since then, I have come to know a tremendous group of quality and service oriented people that have made the company what it is today.

 My experience and diversity grew through a wide range of challenging work for clients such as the Army Corp of Engineers, Various school districts,  as well as caring home owners who trust they will get value and quality for their hard earned dollar.

 I take pride in knowing our company has a very strong bonding capacity, a great banking relationship, and despite economic slow downs, continues to operate debt free.

 If you have the time, please browse through our projects page, and give us a call or drop us an email and we would be excited to spend some time discussing your construction needs.


Scott Kirn, Executive Vice President

 In 1993 I joined R.G. Ross as a project manager and estimator. My position at R G Ross Construction placed me in a roll of assisting clients in the development of projects and procuring work with them in the medical and low Income housing field.  Aligning our company with Architects, state and federal agencies nurtured this movement.

  With over 5 years as the vice president, and my recent advancement to Executive Vice-President, I have learned that this company is more than just tools and equipment. It is an assembly of great hard working people that excel in their trade and diverse skills, that really care about the client and the end product.

  Please give us the opportunity to show you what we do and how we can make your building experience the first of many pleasant ones with RGR.



Kevin Bohnenstiehl, Vice President

  I began working at R. G. Ross Construction in 2002.  One of the reasons for my coming to R. G. Ross was the variety of the projects being completed.

 These diversified portfolios have aided us in weathering both the good times and the bad and still remain standing tall.  It has assisted us in becoming a stronger company.

 While speaking of strength, we are only as solid as our employees.  We have some of the finest individuals in the industry to work with.  We are diligent in our duties and yet enjoy having a good time while getting our work completed and taking care of our clients.

 Thank you for taking the time to review our website.  We at R. G. Ross Construction are very proud of our history and our accomplishments.

 We would like to have the opportunity to add your completed project to our web site.  Please contact us if we can be of any assistance.