Sinquefield House

The construction of this beautiful summer home began with the blasting of the rock bluff to make room for the pool and sauna located on the lower level. This home boasts of cherry floors and custom cherry cabinet work throughout. Special systems built into this project include geothermal heating and cooling, emergency generator system, a three phase electrical service, and an independent water and sewer system. The open courtyard is paved in stone that accents the glass, stone, and redwood wall finishes. This house is capped off with a standing seam copper roof and gutter system. The entire project overlooks the Osage River on a 140 foot bluff.

""I hold [R.G. Ross Construction] in very high regard. Not only are they extremely honest and professional, they are an outstanding team player. The understand that any construction project is a complex undertaking, especially the home we’re now working on. It’s located in such a remote area that, if it’s not carefully attended to, it could easily slide into difficulty. But Ross is perfect for that kind of job. They constantly report back on their progress, they anticipate well and, as a consequence, this is one of the best projects I’ve ever worked on.""

-George Johannes, (associate architect on the Osage River house project), Johannes/Cohen Collaborative