Cole County EMS

This project was the creation of living quarters within an existing metal building warehouse facility. The creation of 4,600 square foot of living space included the creation of private bunk rooms, a new kitchen with direct exhaust hood, 2 refrigerators and custom plastic laminate cabinets, new toilet and bathing facilities, new laundry facilities, flooring and paint, acoustical ceilings and a new energy efficient Daikin heating and cooling system and energy efficient lighting. A new dispatch center and a new IT room were created for notification and communications.

The metal building was modified to receive three new sectional high bay OH doors with power operators and the addition of interior trench drains, lighting, water, and heating units and a colored sealer coating on the 3,360 SF garage bay floor.

On the exterior, excavation and the installation of retaining walls created space adjacent to the building for three ground mounted HVAC units, a generator, and a recreational concrete patio. Grading and subgrade preparation and the installation of 4,900 square foot of heavy concrete paving were provided in the existing green space to create new ambulance unit access and response routes.

The project was completed in 95 days per the fire department’s schedule.