Multi-Tenant Projects

R.G. Ross reached a milestone in multi-tenant construction in 1984, with the $3 million renovation of the Cochran Gardens housing project. Rich Mueller, then a superintendent for Ross, managed the project.  Since then, multi-family and elderly housing have played a significant role each year in the work and success of R.G. Ross.

""R.G. Ross Construction has demonstrated impressive performance on the restoration of the two YWCA facilities, previously abandoned since 1994. Not only did they meet the demanding criteria from their client, R. G. Ross also adhered to the challenging construction guidelines during the course of the project rehabilitation.......In addition to their dedicated understanding regarding the building restoration, R. G. Ross Construction also successfully exceeded the client's demands of providing 25% minority owned business enterprise and 5% women owned business enterprise subcontractor participation. This included meeting the criteria for contractual dollar amounts as well as consistent monitoring of minority labor hours performed on the project.""

-Gregory C. Trost, Associate, The Lawrence Group Architects