Phyllis Wheatley YWCA Branch

This project consisted of the rehab of an existing building built in the 1920’s. Due to the historical significance of this building to the community, there were many items that had to be duplicated. Some examples of this would be the wood trim details as well as balustrades at the parapets. The end use of this great old building consists of thiry-three one and two bedroom residential units with hardwood floors.

"" R.G. Ross has performed in an exemplary manner as a construction manager and general contractor for the YWCA's redevelopment of its former Phyllis Wheatley Branch located at 2709 Locust....Through their direction and commitment the project finished on time and under budget. The finish work is absolutely beautifiul and the apartments achieved 100% occupancy in a short period of time.....It is also important to note that thanks to R.G. Ross's contributions to this project, the YWCA was awarded one of the 2004 Eleven Most Enhanced Sites Awards from the Landmarks Association of Metropolitan St. Louis for the Phyllis Wheatley Apartments.""

-Robert Burns, Director of Facilities, YWCA of Metro St. Louis