Lemay Early Childhood Center

A multi-source funded daycare addition and renovation. The project was constructed without any lost class days and little disruption to the ongoing operation of the facility. RGR worked with the project team during prelim design, budgeting, fundraising, final planning and construction. This small project was undertaken because of its location in the community where our office is located and we were so impressed with the commitment of their board, staff and supporters to providing affordable quality daycare for those who have financial restraints.

""As we close out the year, the Board and staff at Lemay Child & Family Center want to thank you again for helping us to successfully expand our facility this year. The project, as you know, was a bit complicated because of the combination of HUD funding, private donations, and significant in-kind donations of materials.....we greatly appreciate your team's flexibility and coordination.....extremely respectuful of our need to ensure the safety of the children and staff....""

-Elaine Powers , Executive Director