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Church projects are the focus of intense interest and involvement by the congregation, and R. G. Ross is dedicated to achieving their aspirations within the constraints of their financial support. We are experienced in working with church committees to address the range of concerns raised by members.

Faith Evangelical Lutheran Church

This 41,000 square foot church and pre-school was a structural steel building with partial Glu Lam. This was a competitive bid project that was almost delayed due to budget problems. R.G. Ross was able to help the owner by value engineering the project with the end result being a $600,000 savings primarily through the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing becoming design build.

Faith Eva Church.jpg



• St. Louis, Missouri
• New Construction
• 8,300 SF
• New build resulting from a
fire, wood frame with brick
veneer, Bell Tower
mimicked original.


church 321.jpg

• St. Louis, Missouri
• New Construction
• 9000 SF
• New Sanctuary Addition

Church 123.jpg
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