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R.G. Ross has a proven track record of completing projects for numerous non-profit organizations. With a focus delivering high-quality work and meeting deadlines, R.G. Ross has established itself as a reliable partner for non-profits looking to achieve their goals. Through its commitment to excellence and dedication to its clients, R.G. Ross has become a trusted name in the non-profit community.

Sunshine Ministries Men's Center

Lunch and Learn PPT_email_051223.jpg

• St. Louis, Missouri
• New Construction
• 19,000 SF
• Two story masonry and steel building.
Including a commercial kitchen, dining area, offices, chapel, rec room, and laundry.


Lunch and Learn PPT_email_051223.jpg
Lunch and Learn PPT_email_051223.jpg

Haven of Grace

• New Construction | Main campus
building and community housing &
transitional living apartments
• The Haven of Grace is a pregnant
women’s center near the famous
Crown Candy. The main campus consists of dorm type accommodations with a full kitchen, play areas, and courtyard. The campus also includes transitional living 2 story loft apartment
buildings separated from the main
facility by an outdoor greenspace
and playgrounds.

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